Thursday, January 17, 2008

"What Are You Going to do in your Retirement?"

I get asked this enough that it's time I thought through an answer. Assuming I stay in Wichita, my normal day might look like this:

When normally I would go into the office, I will go the Y and work out. (Experience has shown that when a workout is part of my day, I have a much healthier and more productive day.)

After ending my time at the Y with a leisurely sojourn in the hot tub, I will then venture back outside and have lunch at a (hopefully) place I've never been to before.

Then back home to write on this blog, do trivia stuff, and do chess study or playing.

Then I cook a good supper (at the moment I am quite excited about the split pea with ham soup I have planned for the crock pot tomorrow).

In the evening I attend a special event, or watch a Net Flix movie.

In bed I read a good book or work puzzles out of my old Games magazines that have been sitting around for a couple of decades now.


Philip Weaver said...

Wow, it sounds like you are really enjoying yourself, Dad!

How did the soup turn out?

- Phil

chessart said...

The soup was OK but a bit mushy for my taste. The recipe said 8-10 hours, which seemed too long and I served it after only 7 hours, but still a bit mushy. I think that starting with hot water, as the recipe called for, means 8-10 is just too long in the crock pot. If you want to check the recipe, a google search for "split pea ham soup" will bring it up first. 14 of 14 who used it found it useful. Now I'm looking for another recipe to use the rest of my ham shanks, like maybe potato and ham.

chessart said...

I couldn't find a potato and ham soup recipe I was happy with, so I simply made another split pea soup and just substituted potatoes for celery! I think this is going to be a regular dish for me from now on, except I learned I need to cut the potatoes into small cubes instead of just into slices.

lisafenix said...

What books are on your list? I thought you were gonna cut back on the trivia playing. What is the likelihood of you staying in Wichita?

I have other questions and will post them as they come to me. Be thinking of you.