Thursday, February 12, 2009

The (Im)Morality of Having Octuplets

A single woman in California, who already had 6 kids, gave birth to octuplets after using a fertility drug. The doctor who gave it to her is now under investigation.

This illustrates the lack of personal responsibility epidemic in America these days. It is estimated that the medical costs of taking care of these octuplets will exeed a million dollars. This is an expense that all of us will have to bear, in one way or another.

One hopes that the doctor will lose his license, but one doubts this will ever occur, given the medical profession's sorry track record in policing itself. There has been somewhat of an outcry, but not nearly enough of one. When are we in this country going to understand the importance of personal responsiblity? When are we going to understand that this preoccupation with "rights" has gotten out of hand? When are we gonig to realize that just because we *can* do something, does not mean that we *should" do it?

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