Friday, August 14, 2009

Camping out to Get Health Care

In California a free health fair attracted so many people that many had to be turned away. Many others camped out overnight in order to be able to get seen the next day.

What kind of country is it that allows this sort of nonsense. People should not have to camp out overnight to get what should be considered a basic right, the right to decent health care. When is Obama going to take the offensive and push for reform? He has been taking a conciliatory course in hopes of gaining Republican support, but it is apparent the Republicans have no intention of supporting his bill, and he needs to start twisting arms among his Democratic colleagues in order to make any progress. (Where is LBJ when we need him?)


Anonymous said...

How can one have a right to the product of another's labor?

chessart said...

Does this mean you are against public education as well? Are you against Medicare? It's the same principle.