Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Lower than Vermin"

When British health minister Rye Bevan opened the British national health service in 1948, he famously called the Tories "lower than vermin" for their virulent opposition. The same term could be used today to describe those who have been opposing a health care system for the US. Their despicable tactics have included the following"

1. Coming en masse to town meetings and shouting down the speakers, thereby preventing any true dialogue on the issues.

2. Scaring people with ads claiming the real agenda is to push abortions on the American peeople.

3. Scaring people with ads claiming the agenda is to push euthanasia and mandate living wills for everybody.

4. Death threats to at least one Congressman.

Anyone with half a brain can see that we need a national, single-payer health system. Other countries that have this have better medical care for half the cost.

In a later post I will describe how savings can occur under such a system.

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