Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kagan Surmounts First Hurdle, or, A Tale of Two Lindsa(e)ys

I just found out from scotusblog.com that Elena Kagan's confirmation vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee was 13-6 to confirm. All Democrats voted for her, and all Republicans against except for Lindsey Graham, who gave a passionate speech outlining reasons to vote yea and nay and concluded that she was qualified and that Obama has the right as the election winner to have his own nominee confirmed.

I was following this at the library on scotusblog this morning as they had a running account. I then went back to my apartment to watch the hearing live on TV. Much to my chagrin it was not on C-SPAN (apparently it was on C-SPAN2 which I don't get). So I turned to the other cable news channels, feeling certain one would have the hearings. You'll never guess what they had rather than the hearings. Give up? It was Lindsay Lohan being taken into custody to do her 90-day sentence for violating her probation! Nothing about the Judiciary Committee hearings, not even on NPR. So, I'm back at the library, even more depressed than ever at the quality of American "journalism".

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