Friday, February 10, 2012

The Contraception Controversies

The Susan B. Komen agency really shot itself in the foot recently with its decision to withhold funds from Planned Parenthood. This is reminiscent of years ago in Wichita when the United Way decided to refer callers to its Community Planning Council to the yellow pages, when they were calling to inquire about where to turn for an abortion, even though the normal and proper procedure was to actually try to be helpful to people in need. Needless to say, after that I never gave another penny to that corrupt organization, and neither will I to the Komen group, who caved in the same right-wing pressures which caused the United Way to make this horrible decision.

Komen has reversed the decision, but the damage has been done--they have planted their flag firmly on the side of the right-wingers who think it is their duty in life to dictate to others how to live their lives.

And then we have the Catholic Church with its supposed outrage over the Obama administration decision to require the inclusion of contraception in insurance plans. The Catholic Church has really shown its colors here. It pretends to be against abortion because they say it is the "taking of innocent life", and to them "life begins at conception". But if that is the case, then one would think they would be in favor of *preventing* conception, so as to reduce the "taking of innocent life" that they pretend to abhor. It remains a complete mystery, what is it about birth control which the Catholic church is so upset about?

This group of men that controls the Catholic Church is the same type of group responsible for the war on Arabs in the Crusades, for the war on "heretics" in the Spanish Inquisition (including Galileo, who had the audacity to suggest that the earth moved around the sun), and the war on young boys during the past century, consisting of a vast conspiracy to cover up sexual abuse by its priests.

And now the Catholic church makes war on women. Women seek only to be able to control their own lives and their own destinies, just as men seek to do. What is so wrong with that?

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