Saturday, January 31, 2015

"Angelina", by Andrew Morton

I have never cared for Jon Voight, and now I know why. This book portrays him as an overbearing, authoritarian, hyper-critical person who alienates just about everybody he comes into contact with. This is not just true of his two children, Angelina and her brother, but of people he has worked with.

Part of the problem is that Angelina's mother never forgave Jon for abandoning her and the kids for another woman. Her bitterness knew no bounds; for example, when her assets were being listed in her will, she wrote in the margin "$150,000 unpaid spousal support". This despite the fact that Jon had always faithfully paid his spousal support to her. However, Jon has done enough cruel things to the kids during their adult lives that constitute ample grounds for resentment in their own right.

Jon never has remarried since divorcing Angelina's mother in 1980. He has expressed sadness at having to go home to an empty house when he is done working for the day. Well, Jon, it is said that "you reap what you sow". No tears will be shed from this quarter for that bum, Jon Voight.

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