Sunday, February 7, 2016

Political correctness run amok

 "I really don't understand the world anymore."  --Jason Gideon in his letter to Spencer Reid on why he's leaving the BAU

I recently came across a list of words which a University of Missouri group says journalists should not use, for fear of offending somebody. This list came out in 1990, so it is not some recent thing. Here are a few of the words which supposedly should not be used.

ugh  --  said to be "highly offensive" because it mimics American Indian speech
Dutch treat  --  implies that Dutch people are cheap
burly  --  too often associated with large black men, and implying ignorance
fried chicken  --  again, a stereotype of black people
jock  --  can be offensive to some
rubbing noses  --  objectionable to Eskimos
many words used to describe females  --  airhead, buxom, dingbat, dizzy, gorgeous, pert, petite, stunning, sweetie

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