Saturday, November 3, 2007

Murphy's Law Upended

As I ease into retirement in this, my 63rd year on this planet, I have been struck by several things working well, contrary to Murphy's Law which says if something can go wrong, it will. My application for social security went quite smoothly, and I received several calls during the application process from social security, with the caller adopting a friendly and helpful attitude concerning the need for a certified copy of my birth certificate which was needed to complete my application. I eventually got this submitted, and anxiously awaited the fourth Wednesday in October, when my first check was to be deposited into my bank account. Sure enough, I called the bank that morning (as I usually do to double-check my current balance) and the funds were already there! Let's face it, the government *does* do some things well!

The other thing which has struck me is the efficiency of NetFlix, a company from which DVD's can be rented on a monthly basis. They promise same-day service, i.e, the day they get your old DVD in the mail, they will send out the next one on your list. This has held true every time. (I always thought the old "allow 6-8 weeks for delivery" was completely bogus and this proves it.) But even more than this, my daughter and I had an incident in which she put two DVD's into the mail without the mailing cover on them. I wondered what would happen to them, or why the mail carrier even picked them up that way out of her mom's mailbox. Lo and behold, NetFlix somehow received them and mailed out the next ones just like nothing untoward had happened!

Sometimes things do work like they're supposed to!

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