Friday, May 23, 2008

Is Larissa Kelly the next Ken Jennings?

This modest, unassuming graduate student from California has won 3 Jeopardy games in a row at this writing. Her winnings from the first 2 days totalled over $80K, an unheard-of amount for only 2 days. She seems to know about every subject, and she is not risk-averse as women tend to be. Her soft, sweet voice makes her an extremely appealing contestant. Go, Larissa!


Anonymous said...

i absolutely adore larissa.. what a combination - smart and unassuming.. loooovely.. i have a huge crush on her.. oh my.. i can't wait to watch the show.. quirky she is and love her for it!!!!!!!!

Patrick said...

She is so cute, soft spoken and amazingly smart. Too bad she's already married, pfft. Nevertheless- best of luck to you Larissa!

Andy Saunders said...

In a word: No.

Not to be a pessimist -- Larissa is quite a strong player, but I just don't see her being able to hold up for 74 games.

I give her 9.

chessart said...

I agree with all 3 comments about the lovely Larissa.

What I do *not* agree with is the local NBC affiliate's decision to preempt the entire Final Jeopardy segment yesterday to show weather information concerning Western Kansas. There *has* to be a better way to do this than by entirely preempting the show.

I had to find out from the El Cerrito website (her hometown) that she did in fact win yesterday, bringing her 4-day total to $146,197. Sadly, that website also confirmed that the comment about her being married is correct, and it mentioned that her husband has previously been a Jeopardy contestant.

Certainly the odds are that Andy is correct in his assessment. It would take a tremendous amount of luck to last as long as Ken did. And the way Ken lost his 75th game shows how easy it is for even the best of players to lose a game.