Sunday, May 3, 2009

Funtrivia Snapshot

Total points -- 914,454, ranked 680th out of 1,031,845 players
Level -- 65, 33 from points and 32 from badges
Brains -- 862
Knockout points -- 34
Quizzes played -- 6,733
Questions correct -- 66%
Quizzes authored -- 78
Level rank -- 300th spot goes down to 68
Most popular author rank -- 49th, games played 97,482 times
Highly rated author rank -- 88th, average rating of 4.10
Current (May) focus -- easy game, mixed game, team quizzes
Easy game May rank -- 39/131, 909 rank points in division; overall 117/500, 683 rank points
Mixed game May rank -- 65/176 in division, 852 rank points; 100/500 overall, 730 rank points
Team points -- 17,418
Global Challenge user rating -- 1602


chessart said...

Recent developments. This week I finally am having some success at knockout, after getting knocked out in the first round the last few weeks. I have won the first 3 games, the first by only 10 points, and at this writing am getting ready to play the Friday finals game.

Recent badge won was fill-me-in. Just today I've won a badge in the new World game, which BTW is a heckuva game. The site just continues to improve!

One new feature is a listing of all the badges by the number of them that have been given out. This gives one an idea of which are easy to earn and which are hard. I have won the 21 easiest ones, down to team vs. team and knockout. Coming up from the bottom the badge I've won that's the hardest is prolific author (for having 50 quizzes online). Only 65 have this one.

chessart said...

This morning I found out that I had won the team vs. team badge yesterday, for scoring 15/15 in less than 100 seconds. I hadn't realized at the time that I had won this badge.

According to the badge chart, this is the easiest badge to win that I did not yet have. Next easiest is knockout champ, awarded for 50 knockout points. I did win my knockout game this week, but still have 11 points to go to earn this badge. It seems harder than its placement on the badge hierarchy.

At this writing I am ahead in my section in the daily game, with 19 right in 137 seconds. Anybody who gets 19 or 20 will likely surpass me because of my slow time. As of now there are two 18's. This would be the second-hardest badge in my collection, if I win it.

chessart said...

Got my millionth point today, putting me at level 70. Next point level is 250,000 away, instead of 100,000, so it's pretty remote. Still waiting on acceptance of my chess quiz. Others waiting in the wings to be submitted. I have 79 quizzes online, hoping to get to 100 for that badge.

chessart said...

Analysis of progress towards future badges: 1) team stakeholder, at 60K, need 100K, about a month to go; 2) daily crown, have 945, need 5K, est. 4 months to go; 3) super author, at 81, and 100, est 6 months to go; 4) Achievement: GM Madness, need game of 900 points, could come any time; 5) Knockout champ, have 41, need 50 knockout points, should come within a month.

chessart said...

Knockout badge needs 7 more, so estimated 7 weeks on that.
Team badge has 18K to go, so 8 days on that.
Need 18 quizzes for the 100 badge, so at 2 a month that is 9 months yet.