Thursday, May 7, 2009

Manny Ramirez Gets Suspended

Ramirez gets suspended for 50 days for violation of the MLB drug policy. His ludicrously lame excuse is that he had an unspecified "medical condition" and got a doctor's presecription which he didn't realize would be a problem. This has been like a broken record with these MLB cheaters--blaming it on an innocent "mistake". Ramirez lame statement reminds me of when Sammy Sosa got caught using a corked bat and blamed it on a "mistake", saying that he grabbed the wrong bat on his way to the plate.

If Manny wants us to believe him, he needs to fill in some blanks:
1) what specifically is this alleged "medical condition" that you needed medication for;
2) what was the medication you were prescribed;
3) who was the doctor who prescribed it;
4) did you have the medication checked out to make sure it was OK; and
5) how long did you take the medication.

But did we get any specifics. No, of course not. Kudos to LA writer Bill Pleschke for emphatically saying what a joke this whole explanation is. And kudos to both Bill and ESPN analyst John Kruk for saying the Dodgers should not pay him even when he is eligible to return, as he entered into the contract on false pretenses, i.e., that he was in compliance with MLB rules.

Every time one of these sad cases comes up, it just dramatizes how pathetic Don Fehr and the players association have been in this whole mess. They bend over backwards to protect the cheaters, while ignoring the non-cheaters who are hurt by the unfair advantage obtained by the cheaters! Aren't the non-cheaters equally important members of your association, Mr. Fehr?

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