Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why Are People So Ignorant?

Former Mets pitcher Jerry Koosman was sentenced recently for not filing income tax returns. He was quoted as saying that "his research led him to conclude that only federal workers and District of Columbia residents had to pay federal taxes."

We see this type of incredible ignorance all the time. Why can't people think for themselves on at least a minimal level? Is it a failure of the education system?

As I write a town meeting is on the tube, showing th usual morons who yell and scream and dont' let anybody talk. Where are these people coming from? Why can't they understand basic realities, like the fact that our health care costs are running way more than other countries who have government-sponsored health care? Why are they such suckers for the lies that Obama's plan wil lead to death panels which will kill grandpa and grandma?

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