Thursday, February 11, 2010

Which are the real sports?

I have already demonstrated pro basketball is not a real sport. Too much subjectivity on the calls, too much emphasis on spectacular dunks, too much overlooking of traveling by the officials, etc. Pro football is not far behind, though it is not so obviously a show as pro basketball.

With the winter olympics coming up, one has to question figure skating. The scandal some years back illustrates how subjective this so-called sport is. It is really more art than sport, and it is good art, to be sure, just not a sport.

Auto racing is big in the US, but it clearly is not a sport, though it would like to pretend it is. The idea that drivers do not qualify for races, but rather cars do, shows it is a test of engineering rather than a true sport. The way NASCAR allows drivers to bump each other demonstrates it is not a real sport.

Any "race" that involves teams is bogus. Why can't there be a level playing field, where everyone has an equal chance? But no, in auto racing and in cycling we have "teams", where the favored competitor on that team gets help from his teammates.

Hockey encourages fighting, which makes it bogus. It is strictly a show for the fans.

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