Friday, April 22, 2011

Letter to Tom Usher

Two points about your column. First, part of the Hall's entrance requirements involve sportsmanship and respecting the game. It is not just about numbers. Seen in that light, Manny should not expect induction, regardless of any steroid issues.

Second, how in the world can you mention Manny, Barry, Mark, Rafael and Sammy without mentioning Roger Clemens?? Clemens is right near the top of the list of no-good SOB's who should be denied despite their numbers.

4/23/11 update.  Mr. Usher's gracious response: "I totally agree with you on Clemens. He is also a bum and a cheater.

I was just thinking of the hitters when I made my list. I didn't mean to leave him off. That's my bad for not putting him on there.

He is a complete and utter cheater. The next time I write about these clowns, Ill be sure to list him.
You are right. I have no respect for Clemens.

Thanks for reminding me."

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