Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Changing of the Seasons

We had an extra cold and snowy winter, followed by one of the rainiest Aprils on record. As a result, blossoms were quite late in getting here. Only now are trees beginning to get leaves in any great number. We have had magnolia blossoms for a couple of weeks, pretty pale purple blossoms. And pear blossoms have been around for most of this time also, nice white blossoms with the five petals.

But we are still waiting for real spring weather. It has been rainy almost every day, and no really bright sunny days have come yet. Once the sun comes out for a few days, things should really start to grow.


chessart said...

Thursday we had a beautiful, sunny day, and I took advantage by taking aluminim cans to Pandora with my sister. (Got a record $31!)

Jogged yesterday and today, my first jogging in at least a year.

Graduation season now. I went to Goshen last Sunday to see my nephew Noah graduate, and this weekend is my nephew Micah's graduation at Earlham, and the lcoal one here at Bluffton University. The weather at Goshen wasn't ideal, but dry enough that everyone could linger outside after the commencement.

chessart said...

Trip Monday thru Wednesday to Grand Rapids with my daughter, warm weather all the way ushering in the T-shirt phase of the weather cycle. Getting back to Bluffton it was 80 degrees and sultry, so I broke out the fan. Still hoping to get through my 3rd straight summer with no air conditioning use.

Saturday was the Kentucky Derby, an unofficial harbinger of Spring. The horse that won was the first ever to win in his first race on a dirt track, and the first in decades to win with as long of a break since his last race. Let's hope the crushing burden of trying to win the triple crown does not destroy him as it has all other horses since the last TC won the '70's. The short time between triple crown races is being revealed more clearly in recent years as animal abuse.

Two no-hitters last week in MLB. Stats indicate this will again be "the year of the pitcher", as last season was.

chessart said...

Only now are mulberries starting to get ripe, confirming my impression that generally norther Ohio is about a month behind Wichita weather-wise.