Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dana Bash, Incompetent Phony

For many years TV news organizations have preferred young, attractive women for their on-camera reporting. I have no problem with this, as long as the women in question are competent. The problem with CNN correspondent Dana Bash is that she is neither young, nor attractive, nor competent.

An exampe of her incompetence is that way she handled herself during a recent press conference with Harry Reid. She asked why he didn't piecemeal fund the NIH. When Reid, in his answer, referred to "the problem with what you are suggesting", she interrupted by saying she wasn't suggesting anything, because she was just "asking a question".

This is so bogus as to be beyond belief. First of all, we should note that very few "why" questions are honest requests for information. Rather, almost all of them are disguised statements. But beyond that, Dana Bash's "question" was not just a simple "why" question. Rather, in the body of her question she invoked the image of a little girl being allowed to die of cancer because Reid and his fellow Democrats would not piecemeal fund the NIH.

This just confirmed what an incompetent boob she is. Dana Bash is as phony as the day is long, from her fake blond hair to the fake way she insists on pronouncing her first name, to what are, I'm sure, numerous other fake things about her. CNN should get her off the air ASAP.

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